Shepherd Hut seating and porch
shepherd hut wheel

Cabinville Shepherd Huts

Quality shepherd huts now made affordable by Cabinville. We have been selling log cabins and other fine garden building for many years and we noticed that our customers were often looking for something unique. They wanted a place in their garden or other special location that was more about them so that they could create an environment just perfect.

Our shepherd huts are that special place! If you need a guest room that is looks inviting, a home office that is not a square wooden box, a painting studio that you can setup to inspire or a quiet space that you can use all your home designer skills to create a retro space to relax then you will love our Cabinville Shepherd Huts.

Garden shepherd hut
Home Office shepherd hut

High Quality and Affordable

Now we do not claim to be the first to sell Shepherd Huts. But we can claim to be the first to sell high quality huts at very affordable prices. All our shepherd huts are superbly fitted with safety double glazed windows and high quality fittings. Have a look around the web at the prices other shepherd huts are sold and then return to order. You can use the money you saved to custom fit your shepherd exactly how you want and still have a good saving.

Our New Cabinville Shepherd Hut “The View”

We are so proud of our new “The View” shepherd hut. With opening double doors you will be able to work or play with the extra light, fresh air and being able to view the seasons from the comfort of your own luxury shepherd hut.
Take a look at this new shepherd hut and ponder on how you can make use of it and how you can personalise it to make it your own.

Deluxe shepherd hut The View