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Cabinville Shepherd Huts

Quality shepherd huts now made affordable by Cabinville. We have been selling log cabins and other fine garden buildings for many years and we noticed that our customers were often looking for something unique. They wanted a place in their garden or other special location that was more about them so that they could create an environment just perfect.

Our shepherd huts are that special place! If you need a guest room that is looks inviting, a home office that is not a square wooden box, a painting studio that you can setup to inspire or a quiet space that you can use all your home designer skills to create a retro space to relax then you will love our Cabinville Shepherd Huts.

Garden shepherd hut

Our Materials Rule

Our shepherd huts are built from the finest Northern European timber from sustainable managed forests. All our wood is hand selected and the shepherd huts are carefully crafted by skilled hand. It is the attention to detail that ensures each has the quality you would expect for a Cabinville shepherd hut.

New Lower Design

The new 2021 models are build on a new lowered wheel and axle design. This maintains the heritage look of a shepherd hut and keeps the hut in better harmony with the surroundings. It will look better in your garden, ground or glamping site. Not only that, the lower height will be appreciated by your neighbours and keep the planning authorities happier. It is our new happy feature and it is a special design registered to just us!
Did we mention that the new design increases the stability of the shepherd hut and also makes moving the shepherd hut a lot easier too.



High Quality and Affordable

Now we do not claim to be the first to sell Shepherd Huts. But we can claim to be the first to sell high quality huts at very affordable prices. All our shepherd huts are superbly fitted with double glazed windows and high quality fittings. Have a look around the web at the prices other shepherd huts are sold and then return to order. You can use the money you saved to custom fit your shepherd exactly how you want and still have a good saving.

No Bounce

No Bounce – that’s right. The industry standard for a shepherd hut floor is 19mm wood, but that allows bounce. We were not happy with a standard floor so all out new 2021 models are now constructed with a 28mm floor. It makes a huge difference that you will appreciate.
All the doors and windows are double glazed and have extra draught proofing. These are fitted with quality European hardware for easy use and to last a very long time.

It’s your perfect affordable shepherd hut and you’re going to love what you see

Garden shepherd hut
Garden shepherd hut
Garden shepherd hut
The View Shepherd Hut fitted with an aftermarket tin roof
Photos from customers with custom interior

2021 Cabinville Shepherd Hut Range

Cabinville Shepherd Hut - The Original

Home Office shepherd hut

Cabinville Shepherd Hut - The Retreat

Home Office shepherd hut

Cabinville Shepherd Hut - The View

Home Office shepherd hut

Cabinville Shepherd Hut - The Lookout

Home Office shepherd hut